“Aleph”, Galerie Optica, Montreal, 1994

In GLASSWORK, the wall surface has been extended onto another plane – the floor, and shifted to cut diagonally across the corner of the gallery space. The effect is that the corner now loses its singularity, and its weight is distributed over a larger surface. Likewise, the grid pattern etched onto the surfaces of the 11 vertical glass panes (sized to my body) is modified by the pattern of each previous pattern cascading – folding – in sequence in unexpected ways. This folding pattern is first seen as a shadow before the viewer returns to the surface of the glass.

MULTIVALENCE: EMOTIVE STATES # 2 resonates between two entities. The 12’ painting is constructed of two 6’x 6’ abutting canvasses. From their individual centers, axial shifts take place (again related to my body) that not only influence the logic of their internal grid logic, but also that of the adjacent 6’x 6′ painting. A complex series of folds occur which modify the form of the original flat grid structure. This grid structure is given a presence by depositing on the folded grid thick black paint, not in a painterly fashion but more like a material transferred and deposited from one place to another to give this place presence. 


Yvonne Lammerich has shown nationally and internationally since 1973. Her work is included in museums as well as corporate and private collections.


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