RIMETER  2010  

Empire of Dreams, MOCCA (Museum of Contemporary Art), Toronto 

RIMETER is an eight foot diameter projecting disk of plaster similar to the wall that tilts on one side beyond the wall’s surface. The part of the disc that blends with the wall’s surface is annunciated on the surface of the wall with a pencil line to define the continuity of that part of the disc that lies beyond the wall’s surface. This work articulates the fluidity by which we move between dimensions that are material and imagined. In front of this projecting disk on the floor I painted in clear varnish an equally sized disc on the floor. The viewer, by stepping into this disk, appears to be standing in a liquid space. 

This work addresses my own struggle to try and make a representation that articulates our fluid, life-space world. In a world where we discover every day new understandings of what and who we are; in a world where music and speech develop so simultaneously that they seem to be mirror images; where people bond and perceive the sound around us, speaking in tones, in a world where forgetting helps us remember, we have barely begun to tell the story of what and where we are in the Empire of our Dreams.


Yvonne Lammerich has shown nationally and internationally since 1973. Her work is included in museums as well as corporate and private collections.


You can contact Yvonne directly at yvonnelammerich@gmail.com


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