“Study”, Montreal, 2023

How we move through space, how we assemble spatial relations, is curiously complicated by what we believe. Our familiar perspectival realism is only one historical monotheistic means of seeing the world around us, and I ask myself, what would a contemporary spatial model look like?

We experience space through the lens of cultural belief, and this has led me to consider what implications might there be for pictorial representation in our current multicultural world in which cultural concepts of spatial relations are in constant contact with one another.

I also became aware of how we absorb the totality of a space in the way we visually scan it, processing it through multiple views which we knit together to form our sensation of a place and how these different views give us a spatial memory of their totality.

In this project, the space of Hangar 7826 becomes a study, both a research study and an artist’s studio, in which the study is an inquiry into spatial dimensions when those dimensions are no longer fixed through a single cultural lens. The space of the gallery becomes a metaphor for rethinking old models of knowing, allowing our contemporary condition to acknowledge the potential of its evolving consciousness. What do we experience when we float free of a single point of view, or when spatial relations rearrange themselves on the page and reassemble themselves tangibly in space itself?


Yvonne Lammerich has shown nationally and internationally since 1973. Her work is included in museums as well as corporate and private collections.


You can contact Yvonne directly at yvonnelammerich@gmail.com


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